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Low​ ​income​ ​properties:Your property may be mandated to have a communal laundry room if tenant washer units aren’t housed by the development. In order to comply with building codes, you enter an industry which is not your specialty.

High​ ​end​ ​properties:For higher end properties, you may want to add the convenience of a communal laundry room with state of the art machinery. Services tend to add to the ambience, value and convenience of your tenants and their lifestyles. You’ll want to know the price comparisons and effectiveness of each machine and layout option.

Customized​ ​solution:Welcome to In House LaundromatTM. We help you choose the most suitable option:

● Outsourced:
With this service, our staff is in charge of the complete setup and management of the facility, including layout and name brand selections. Our customer care team deals with tenant complaints and compliance, while you receive a check in the mail every month.

● Self managed:
With this service, you remain in control of the servicing and financials, utilizing our purchasing and damage repair department. We help you source the best value for your machines and fix machine damages, while you continue to self manage the facility.

Our machines and customer care specialists are available for your convenience. With brand name machine, such as Maytag, Wascomat and Speed Queen, you can rest assured that your laundry is in the best of care. Delicates and basics will all receive the quality promise for a better laundry experience at our kiosk machines. Find out if your facility is self managed before you direct your inquiry.

Want to report a damage? Let us know and we will send a service technician to repair the damage. Notify your In HouseTM specialist or property management department so that we can be alerted of your repair request.

Thank you for helping us maintain a cleaner environment.

We know things aren’t what they used to be. We’ve kept our philosophy young and asked the millennials who know today’s laundry best.

To satisfy a growing demand, In House LaundromatTM has added a full service pickup and delivery laundry experience. Place your laundry outside your unit door and you’ll get it delivered within the required timeframe. It’s that simple.

1. Setup your account
2. Enter pickup time, delivery time and special instructions
3. Monitor your laundry with our tracking system
4. Come home to clean laundry

It’s how good things only get better.

Machines Installment

We supply and install our machines.


We take care of cleaning the machines.


We manage, maintain and service our machines in best condition.